Creating a Brand Ambassador role within PVE

After the WPV Strategy Board meeting in Los Angeles, a pivotal decision was made by the PVE Executive Board to enhance the sharing of best practices, particularly in the realm of competitions, among the different zones. In this pursuit, two distinguished athletes from the paravolley world, Elvira Stinissen (NED) and Juergen Schrapp (GER), have been appointed as PVE ambassadors.

Their designated role involves fostering communication and exchange with the other three Paravolley zones. Elvira Stinissen and Juergen Schrapp, being well-known and respected figures in the paravolley community, are entrusted with the task of understanding how the other zones can leverage the insights gained at the European level. This insight is particularly drawn from the notable increase in national and club competitions within Europe over the past few years.

Furthermore, as ambassadors, they bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experiences related to the discipline. By actively engaging with athletes from other zones, they aspire to create a collaborative environment where diverse approaches and practices can be shared. This initiative not only aims to benefit the athletes involved but also to contribute to the overall advancement of paravolley on a global scale. Through these interactions, the intention is to facilitate a cross-cultural exchange that propels the development of the sport in each zone, echoing a commitment to a more interconnected and evolved paravolley landscape worldwide.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing with you the interviews we conducted with the two appointed athletes, asking several questions to provide insights into their backgrounds and motivations for undertaking the ambassadorial role. This initiative aims to offer people a deeper understanding of who they are and the reasons behind their decision to embrace the responsibilities associated with the role.

So keep an eye out for the first interview to come out on 31st January 2024!

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