COMPETITIONS RULES (Updated November 2021)


The main changes to the sitting volleyball rules are:

    • The playing surface colour of the front and back zones may be different
    • The coaches’ restriction line is deleted
    • The penalty area with chairs is deleted (the team dressing room is used instead)
    • A team may have up to 14 players but only two may be VS2
    • The libero may be team captain
    • Technical Timeouts are deleted
    • Jersey numbers shall be between 1 and 99
    • Lifting is permitted all over the court area when playing the ball in a defensive action during the 1st, 2nd or 3rd contact if the contact is made when the ball is not entirely higher than the top of the net
    • The receiving team must be able to see the service hit and the flight path of the ball
    • A blocker may touch the ball simultaneously with the attacker or afterwards, but not before the attack hit
    • To lift without touching the ball in a block is not a fault
    • Ability to use the challenge system if made available by the host


The main changes to the beach paravolley rules are:

    • The ball can be retrieved from beyond the team’s free zone and over the scoring table
    • The attack hit must be completed before blocking over the net is allowed
    • Requested timeouts will last 45 seconds
    • A Technical Timeout of 45 seconds will occur in the 1st and 2nd sets when the sum of the points scored by both teams is 21 points
    • The interval between sets is extended to 75 seconds
    • Allowance is made for a Challenge Referee if required
  • 2022-2024 Beach Sitting Rules: Although not currently a focus for World ParaVolley, the Beach Sitting Rules have also been updated as an acknowledgement that this discipline is played in some countries.



  • Zonal Championships A – B – C (New Nations)
  • Clubs Championship Men & Women
    • EuroCup
    • Champions League
  • Nations League Men & Women
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Bronze