Get to know our athletes – Francesca BOSIO (ITA)

Over the forthcoming weeks, PVE will be giving the spotlight to the key figures on the court: the players themselves.

Each paravolley athlete boasts a unique story to share. Through a series of interviews, we will have the opportunity to gain deeper insight into the experiences of some of Europe’s most distinguished paravolley athletes, as they guide us through their personal journey in the sport, expressing their passion for the game along the way.

After talking to Thibault Lefrancois from France, we continue to explore Europe, as we get to know Francesca Bosio. Bosio, who is the captain of the Italian women’s national team, had an interesting journey in the sport, and is still dreaming high – since winning the European Championship in Caorle (ITA) in October 2023 gives her and her teammates the chance to compete at the #Paris2024 Paralympics.  

What was your first experience of sports, and sitting volleyball in particular? 

I have always been into sports, since my parents are both former volleyball players. My mom became a coach and my dad is part of a volleyball club. I played volleyball until 2016 when I discovered sitting volleyball, fell in love with it, and I am still playing. Also, my parents are sport fun in general, they watch all kinds of sport, Olympic and Paralympic. 

What made you decide to become a sitting volleyball athlete? 

I tried it in 2016, and we just clicked, with the team, the sport, I felt so good playing. Sure, at the beginning it wasn’t easy to remain seated on the floor because it meant changing movements, but eventually I got used to that. 

When did you begin playing in ParaVolley Europe competitions, and what do you remember from your first competition? 

After few months into the experience with the national team, we went to China for the qualification tournament for Rio 2016 Paralympics. I remember being very excited and nervous. I also recall we won our first match and it was such a great feeling! Some of the best memories I have of playing with my teammates and the Italian team. 

What is your personal experience of sports as a professional paraathlete, and what does it mean to you? 

Unfortunately, I can’t call myself a professional paraathlete since it’s not my job, but for me, it’s a huge part of my life. I give up on vacations, family and friends events, on days off, just to play, and I still enjoy it so much. I think it’s worth doing all these sacrifices. It’s not always simple and without my family and friends supporting me, it would have been almost impossible, but the feelings I experience when I practice and when I play, are so strong it’s worth it. 

What would you say is your biggest achievement?  

For sure, qualifying twice for the Paralympics! Also being able to play for my team and always have fun while playing. 

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See you next week for our next installment!

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