Successful meeting with the Turkish Volleyball Federation

President Branko Mihorko of Paravolley Europe (PVE) recently paid a visit to the Turkish Volleyball Federation to assess forthcoming paravolley activities in both Türkiye and Europe, as well as to explore opportunities for international collaboration.

Present at the meeting were Mehmet Akif Üstündağ, President of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, Alper Sedat Aslandaş, Secretary General, Av. Nihal lerişçi, Volleyball Coordinator and PVE Board Member Onur Hoshnut, Director of International Relations and Organizations Nilüfer Shimonsky, Sports Organszations and International Activities Authority Uluara Altürk, and Ömer Ünal, commissioned by PVE to contribute to their studies on referee trainings and legislation.

Mihorko, while acknowledging the growth potential of paravolley in Türkiye, extended congratulations to the Turkish Volleyball Federation for their international successes in the sport. He expressed his belief that similar achievements could be anticipated in the near future. President Üstündağ reciprocated, affirming their commitment to the advancement of paravolley domestically and their readiness to support PVE’s initiatives as a federation.

This year marks the inaugural hosting of the European League (Men) – Silver tournament in the country from April 19th to 21st, 2024, under the auspices of the Karabük ASH Sports Club. Additionally, discussions encompassed the European Championship B Category, Silver Nations League tournaments featuring the men’s national team, joint projects, regional collaborations, and sponsorship matters, including those within the Balkans. Following the meeting, visits were made to federation offices and facilities.

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