Plethora of events leads into the 2023 Euros

Caorle, Italy, 6 October 2023 – A Board Meeting this morning here opened a busy weekend of events leading into Monday’s opening of the 2023 Sitting Volleyball Men’s & Women’s European Championships, hosted in this tranquil resort town of Caorle on Italy’s north Adriatic coast just east of Venice.

The board discussed several matters that will be put forward to a Strategy Meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning in an attempt to give all Nations a better understanding of the workings of Paravolley Europe, before any concrete proposals are put to the vote at tomorrow evening’s General Assembly.

The weekend’s events also include a contract signing ceremony between PVE and the Norwegian organisers of the 2025 C Division European Championship this evening.

Then there is the Strategy Meeting scheduled for Saturday morning, followed by the General Assembly in the evening.

Paravolley Europe Board of Administration in session, to get the ball rolling ahead of the 2023 Sitting Volleyball European Championships in Caorle, Italy.

Sunday’s schedule has a PVE Medical Conference in the morning, ahead of the official Opening Ceremony for the European Championships in the afternoon.

This is expected to be a spectacular and colorful event in the historic centre of Caorle, involving a Parade of Athletes through the streets before everyone gets assembled in the central square for the actual ceremony itself.

The completion of the work of an international team of Classifiers and then of the Preliminary Inquiries, the General Technical Meeting will close the weekend’s proceedings on Sunday evening, ahead of the start of action on the next morning.

The 2023 European Championships, featuring 12 men’s and 10 women’s teams begin here on Monday morning at the Palazzetto dello Sport ‘Valter Vicentini’.

The competition, which will produce the continent’s new champions and also provide one ticket per gender to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, runs throughout the week, culminating with the medals matches on Sunday 16 October.

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