Successful Beach ParaVolley Tournament at the Beach Volley Marathon in Bibione

Оne of the fastest growing disciplines – Beach ParaVolley – was featured at the biggest Beach Volleyball Marathon in the world – the AeQuilibrium Beach Volleyball Marathon, for a second consecutive year, calling the attention of all the participants. The Beach Marathon took place between 13th and 15th May in the picturesque town of Bibione (ITA), with both men’s and women’s teams taking part in the tournament. 

After a successful first participation in the Beach Volley Marathon back in 2022, even more athletes from all over Europe competed in both the Standing and Sitting Beach ParaVolley disciplines in 2023, enjoying the great atmosphere on Bibione Beach. The tournament was open to all participants – with or without physical disabilities.

Thanks to a great cooperation between the LOC and ParaVolley Europe, more than 20,000 athletes who competed at the Marathon on 300+ courts discovered and enjoyed watching Sitting and Standing Beach ParaVolley matches.

As many as five teams competed in the Standing Beach ParaVolley Tournament – Italy A, Italy B, Poland, Slovakia and Gambe in Spalla. 

After an interesting first day of group phase games, Poland met Italy A in the first semi-final, claiming a 2-0 win, while in the other semi-final, Italy B delivered the surprise of the day, outclassing 2022 runners-ups from Slovakia at 2-1.

In the big finale, Poland, who claimed the title in 2022, showed great class once again and triumphed, lifting the trophy on the central court after winning the game 2-0. 

In the Bronze Medal Match, Italy A disappointed Slovakia, leaving them with no medal from this year’s edition of the competition.

Men’s Standing Beach ParaVolley Final Rankings: 

  1. Poland
  2. Italy B
  3. Italy A 
  4. Slovakia 
  5. Gambe in Spalla 

The Sitting Beach ParaVolley discipline made its debut at the AeQuilibrium Beach Volleyball Marathon this year, and to the delight of the fans, the teams showed some great display of the discipline and fought hard for each point. 

Four women’s and three men’s teams started in the competition that, unfortunately, had to be cancelled on the Final day due to bad weather conditions. The Final Rankings took shape based on the rankings as per Day 2.

Men’s Sitting Beach ParaVolley Final Rankings:

  1. Scorretti e Sminchiati
  2. Gambe in Spalla 
  3. Tori Seduti

Women’s Sitting Beach ParaVolley Final Rankings:

  1. One Hand Slovenia 
  2. Slovenian Girls 
  3. Cool Turiste

Photos of the tournament can be found here.

The next Beach ParaVolley event organised by ParaVolley Europe is scheduled for the end of July – the Slovenjia Open in Ljubljana between 28th and 30th July. More information on this to follow later!

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