Launch of new competition logos

ParaVolley Europe in partnership with KingKom, an innovative communication agency based in Italy, is very excited to be launching new competition logos for the Clubs and Nations League events.

In the summer of 2022, King Kom embarked on a fruitful relationship and collaboration with Paravolley Europe aimed to grow European ParaVolley. At the invitation of the Paravolley Europe board, King Kom started studying a new visual identity for the continental competitions for national teams and clubs.

After months of internal discussions, the King Kom graphics crew created a concept at the heart of which was the single driver of the entire system: the ball. For the top club competition (Champions Cup) the logo recreates a sort of contest under the ball with the two arms (with the colors of ParaVolley) touching the ball at the same time.

Champions Cup competition logos

The men’s and women’s Euroleague was declined with an M (for Men) and a W (for Women) always with the ball in the foreground played over the net as if to say beyond obstacles, beyond disability for a sport that is immensely inclusive. For the two club competitions, the basic colors of ParaVolley Europe were used and enhanced.

Euroleague competition logos

Finally, for the National competitions (Golden, Silver and Bronze Nations League) two hands play a stylised ball (setting action) featuring the colors (Gold, Silver and Bronze) of the three competitions.

Nations League competition logos

The goal of King Kom’s graphic crew was to obtain a clear, simple, captivating and easy-to-declare result for correct communication at every level (TV, web, video, graphics, etc.) following a flat design style.

Big thanks to the following individuals who have worked on this graphic identity project: Nicola Alfano, Luigi De Giulio and Francesco Mazzocca!

King Kom is an innovative idea of a communication agency that intends to put the needs, aspirations and objectives of its clients at the basis of every creative choice. Founded in 2017 by a group of young professionals animated by the same passion for the world of communication, King Kom has been a partner of the Italian Volleyball Federation (FIPAV), CEV, FIVB and ParaVolley Europe for 5 years in the field of video communication, producing video reports, commercials and emotional videos , in addition to the production of live streaming and the design and creation of static, dynamic, digital and traditional graphic supports

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