Beach ParaVolley to be featured in the AeQuilibrium Beach Volley Marathon

The discipline has been nominated to be added to the Paralympic games in 2028 and is debuting on the Venetian beach with a tournament meant to break down all barriers: two categories – to be played sitting or standing- will allow athletes, with or without a disability, to compete together for the first time

It is called Beach ParaVolley Marathon and it is the first Italian beach volley tournament that will have athletes at all levels, with or without a disability, competing together on the same court. Side by side, to testify that sport has no boundaries.  

The debut is going to be spectacular: a single stop, from the 13th to the 15th of May, on the beach in Bibione. The Venetian location has already won the inclusiveness match, gaining the national record as an accessible tourism destination. On the same days, Bibione will also host the highly anticipated AeQuilibrium Beach Volley Marathon, the most renowned and attended beach volley open event at an international level.

Sitting and standing, with the gaze turned to Los Angeles 2028

Athletes with diverse abilities will come from all over the world and will meet on the over 300 courts on the beach. This year it will also be possible to compete in two 3vs3 completely inclusive categories.

The Beach Sitting Volley category will be played sitting on the sand. It will also be possible to compete in the classic standing Beach ParaVolley category that has increased in popularity over the past years, so much so that it has been nominated to become an official discipline in the 2028 Paralympics in Los Angeles.

A true sporting excellence that is finally arriving in Italy as well, owing to the commitment of Sportfelix, leading brand in sports tourism and founder of successful international tournaments together with ParaVolley Europe and FIPAV (the Italian Volleyball Federation).

What inspired such an ambitious challenge was the desire to promote a new kind of approach to sports and holidays, surpassing limitations in favour of a more and more active, involving and truly shared experience.

«We are very happy that sitting volley will be played on the sand as well» declared Guido Pasciari, the national technical coordinator for the discipline and the marketing director of ParaVolley Europe. «In Italy we are investing a lot in this discipline that is giving us great satisfaction. We believe that these kinds of events can be an important driving force to explore new inclusiveness possibilities. We are sure that we will have three intense and fun sports days in Bibione».

«We, at ParaVolley Europe, are delighted to have our beach discipline included in the programme of the prestigious AeQuilibrium Beach Volley Marathon to continue the promotion of Beach ParaVolley in Europe» declared Branko Mihorko, President of ParaVolley Europe. «We are looking forward to showcasing this very inclusive discipline together with another beach version of paravolley: beach sitting volleyball. No doubt the Italian hospitality will make this event one to remember! ».

The results and standings will be posted on the following webpage:  

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