Updated Rules of the Game

World ParaVolley Board has published the updated Rules of the Game for sitting volleyball and beach paravolley for the period 2022-24.  As the two strategic disciplines of World ParaVolley, it was important that these Rules were updated as deemed necessary by the membership of the two Committees that had coaches, players, referees providing input.

The Chair of the Rules of the Game Committee for sitting volleyball, Janko Plesnik said:
“I am pleased with the updates of the sitting volleyball rules that are designed to foster the fast development and popularity of sitting volleyball in the future.  We have followed the recent FIVB changes when appropriate and look forward to the implementation of the new rules at the 2022 Sitting Volleyball World Championships in China.”

The Chair of the Rules of the Game Committee for beach paravolley, Lori Okimura said:
“Following changes made by the FIVB and liaison with the Beach Commission and the Referees Commission, the new rules will contribute to the ongoing development of the discipline and allow more specifically for the extra time requirements that beach paravolley athletes need to deal with their physical impairments during a match.”

Although not currently a focus for World ParaVolley, the Beach Sitting Rules have also been updated as an acknowledgement that this discipline is played in some countries.

All Rules can be reviewed and downloaded HERE

For more information on each discipline:
Sitting Volleyball:  https://www.worldparavolley.org/disciplines/sitting-volleyball/
Beach ParaVolley:  https://www.worldparavolley.org/disciplines/beach-paravolley/
Beach Sitting Volleyball:  https://www.worldparavolley.org/disciplines/sitting-beach-volleyball/


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